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- Mark Kinaston-Smith, Horse Make-up Artist / Wrangler.

"ThoroFlex shoes were used on the set of 'Lord of The Rings' for a number
of action shots. The excellent shock absorption and traction on all
surfaces was invaluable to protect our horses from injury. The shoes
lasted really well, and we will certainly use ThoroFlex in the future."

- Carolyn McCree, Quayside Carriages

"I have been using the ThoroFlex shoes on my 21 year old carriage horse.
The shoes have made a marked difference in his confidence on the roads.
They seem to afford him excellent road traction and seem to have reduced
the impact on his joints. He is a much sounder and happier horse. I would
have no hesitation in suggesting someone try these shoes on their horse as
I feel the wider shoe allows the horse more security in their work."

- Leo O'Reilly, Professional Trainer/Driver

"I have used ThoroFlex shoes for a horse that was sensitive in the front
feet and not 100% sound with no reason as to why after x-rays etc when using
standard metal shoes.
I saw ThoroFlex advertised and decided to give them ago to try to get the
horse back to the race track.
They where easy for the farrier to put on and the horse was immediately more
comfortable and sound and has been able to get back to the race track
(harness racing) with good results. The ThoroFlex shoes have been used on
the horse all the time including when racing"

- Jenna Norrie, Winner of "Young Rider Dressage Series", September 2001

"The ThoroFlex shoes work wonders for 'Rhyme and Reason". He is an advanced
Dressage schoolmaster with arthritis in his front fetlock joint and he needs 
special care. We put the ThoroFlex shoes on before the Matamata Saddlery's 
Young Rider Series and after 2 days of competition on a stony surface some 
horses had to retire because of soreness. 'Rhyme and Reason' suffered no sore
feet and his arthritis gave him no problems whatsoever and .... ThoroFlex helped
us score the highest mark of all competitors and win the Young Rider High 
Points Championship!
Thanks Barbara Clarke for your wonderful horse, and ThoroFlex for helping
to keep him healthy and sound!"